Strategies and Perspectives On How to Scale up Regenerative Organic Agriculture

We’ve all heard the news: Regenerative organic agriculture can cool the planet and feed the world. Some say regenerative organic agriculture is best practiced by small farmers, while others are proving that it can be done on a large scale. How can businesses support the global transition to regenerative organic agriculture? How can we scale up regenerative organic agriculture? How fast can we scale it and can we scale it in time?

On this webinar, you’ll hear from three leaders in the regenerative organic agriculture industry on market, policy and farmer perspectives and strategies for scaling up regenerative organic agriculture, with a focus on small-scale farmers.



12-1PM EDT  September 27, 2017


Women for Soils: Healthy Soils, Restorative Farming and Carbon Sequestration

Hosted by the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)

June 14th at 11:00 am-12:30 pm Pacific Standard Time  USA

Featured speakers include: Precious Phiri, Founding Director at Earth Wisdom & Africa Coordinator at Regeneration International; Calla Ostrander, Independent Advisor, Climate Change; Diana Donlon, CFS’ Soil Solutions and La Via Campesina (representative to be announced).