Regenerating Paradise

Regenerating Paradise


Hawaiʻi’s food system is in the midst of an economic and cultural renaissance. Led by small-scale producers, local composting initiatives, community supported projects to preserve traditional Hawaiian foods, and statewide farm-to-school and cafeteria pilot programs; consumers and producers are working together to transform what it means to eat like a local in Hawaiʻi and beyond.

With all these groundbreaking initiatives in Hawaiʻi, we are showing the rest of the country how circular, regenerative, and local food systems can simultaneously support the economy, strengthen cultural heritage, and improve the overall health of a community.

Hawaii Center for Food Safety (HCFS) and Soil Solutions produced and released a four-part video series, Regenerating Paradise, in 2018 and 2019 to educate the public about how healthy soil can mitigate climate change.

Regenerating Paradise: Season 2 (2020) shows what’s happened since Season 1 as we work to reconnect the health of the land with Hawai’i’s public health as well as our community resilience.


Season 2: Maʻo Organic Farms feat. Kaui Sana and Claire Sullivan

Season 2: Waipa feat. Stacey Sport-Beck and Kirstie Daly

Season 2: HIP Agriculture feat. Dash and Erika Kuhr

Season 2: Community Compost Movement feat. Leane Darling Horton


Episode 1: The Science feat. Rebecca Ryals and David Johnson


Episode 2: Kapuna Farms feat. Miki’ala Pua’a-Freitas

Episode 3: TerViva feat. Will Kusch


Episode 4: Green Rows Farm feat. Sean Anderson