Soil Solutions to Climate Problems now in French

Soil Solutions to Climate Problems now in French

Film short highlights the critical importance of soil health in protecting the environment 

SAN FRANCISCO—Soil Solutions to Climate Problems, a short film highlighting the potential power of improving soil health to grow healthy food, store fresh water, and return carbon to the soil is now available in French. The new version of the film, made by the public-interest non-profit, Center for Food Safety, is available online today and will be shown in presentations next week in Lyon, Grenoble and Strasbourg and as part of Festival Zero Waste (June 30-July 2 in Paris) coordinated  by “Zero Waste France.”

“People all over the world need to understand that healthy soil is vital to climate stability. We are delighted that our film will be reaching Europe’s growing zero waste community. Organic matter from cities and towns everywhere is a critical resource and must be utilized to help improve the health of our soils,” says Diana Donlon, Soil Solutions producer and Center for Food Safety’s soil program director.

Robert Reed, a zero waste specialist based in San Francisco, will be making his third trip to France as a volunteer assisting Zero Waste France in their mission to help communities across the country explore the importance of increasing recycling and composting. “Soil Solutions to Climate Problems is one of the most intelligent educational pieces I have ever seen. I encourage everyone to watch this brief film because it shows something very important – that improving soil health represents our best opportunity to protect the environment and try to slow climate change.”

The English version of the film, narrated by author Michael Pollan, had its first screening during the launch of the French Ministry of Agriculture’s “4 per 1000” initiative for food and climate security during the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris last December. Center for Food Safety made the piece to communicate an under-recognized opportunity to address the climate crisis – rebuilding soil carbon stocks globally.

The film is now being shown in a wide variety of settings including elementary schools in Finland, green film festivals in Berlin and San Francisco, as well as by community groups in four Southern African countries. In addition to French and Finnish the film is also available with Chinese and Spanish subtitles.


To view the French version click here

To view the English version click here

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Author: Maria Juur

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